Heavy cleaning in bathrooms

The most troublesome areas for cleaning in heavily used bathrooms are the areas surrounding the toilets and urinals; where urine becomes an extremely difficult odour and stain to remove, due to its unique chemistry.

Once the flooring, particularly the porous areas including unsealed resilient tile, unglazed ceramic tile and grout, becomes contaminated with uric acid salts it is impossible to remove by everyday mopping with neutral cleaners or detergent disinfectants.

The removal of this contaminant requires much stronger products and procedures than regular mopping and once done can allow the restroom to be kept odour-free and clean.

The following six-step procedure removes and neutralizes urine stains and odours, and serves as a preventive measure for future contamination:

Once the floor is dry, the restroom can be reopened for use.

This process proves to be more labour-intensive up front, however, its benefits are well worth the extra effort. The completion of the sealing job not only raises the appearance of the floor, but is a procedure that will last and save future time spent on regular cleaning and disinfecting.