HAN-I-SIZE eliminates over 99.9% of cross contamination micro-organisms that employees and the public come in contact with on a daily basis, e.g. E. Coli (pneumonia, food poisoning), Staph. Aureus (skin infections), Salmonella Typh. (bronchitis), Pseud. aeruginosa (eye infections) and Herpes Simplex Type 1. This is especially relevant for Operators in Sewage Plants, where the chances of infection are particularly high.

Tests carried out with HAN-I-SIZE, in the laboratories of the world-renowned HILLTOP BIOLABS INC. in Cincinnati, USA, have proven its killing effect on these organisms within 15 to 30 seconds. Tests also carried out in accordance with the South African Bureau of Standards Test Method 261 showed the removal of all test organisms.

HAN-I-SIZE, therefore, provides instant protection between hands and arms washing. Once applied to clean, dry hands, it then evaporates within 15 to 30 seconds, leaving no residue. No water or towels are required.

Use of HAN-I-SIZE, is another health safeguard for both customers and employees. It is recommended for use by kitchen and food processing staff, health care personnel, waste-handling workers and anyone else concerned about cross contamination.

HAN-I-SIZE has a unique blend of emollients that will not dry out the skin, and with its lemon fragrance leaves the skin refreshed and free of germs.

HAN-I-SIZE is a convenient supplement to hand washing, and should form part of an overall good hand hygiene programme.

Be hygiene-wise. Use HAN-I-SIZE!

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