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Welcome to our site! We hope you will browse around, and find the information of interest and products to meet your needs.

MOMAR is a specialty chemical manufacturer of general industrial cleaning, maintenance and sanitation chemicals. We sell directly to the ultimate user. The products offered make for a better and safer work environment, serving the needs of almost every business or enterprise from food processing areas to washrooms, workshops, hospitals, hotels, schools, supermarkets, offices, construction, mines, etc.

The South African company, CANSA PTY LTD trading as MOMAR, was founded in 1969, under license to MOMAR Inc. in the USA. There are similar, independent MOMAR licensees located in England, Malaysia and Australia. Every product manufactured at the plant in Cape Town, is to the strict Specifications laid down by the US Company. Local Raw Materials are used wherever possible, as long as they meet the necessary standards. If they do not, imported chemicals are used. This ensures that products are identical to those produced in the USA and internationally, and also that the products meet all the stringent requirements of the various USA approval authorities such as the EPA, FDA and USDA.

We have SABS Certification for Cleaning Chemicals and Disinfectants and Detergent-Disinfectants for use in the Food Industry (Specifications SABS 1828:2005 and SABS 1853:2001) under Permit Numbers 8163/12964 and 8163/12965.

We are also an ISO9000:2008 Registered Company and thus meet internationally recognised quality management, administration and manufacturing systems standards.

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